Denver-Area Businesses Owners Should Think About More Than Looks When Commissioning New Websites

By choosing the right Denver web designer to work with, local business owners can be sure of establishing online presences that will serve them well. There are a number of functional details that it always pays to look into, each of which can provide concrete benefits when applied to the challenging work of website design.

Two Features Denver-Area Business Owners Do Well to Demand from Their Websites

Having an attractive, informative website has become a requirement for just about every business. While most business owners recognize and appreciate this fact, fewer understand the importance of some less obvious details. Two important issues that it will generally pay to ask about when working with a local web designer today are:

Responsiveness. Mobile devices now enable well over half of all web browsing activity in the area and nationwide. With potential customers so often using their phones to find and learn about businesses around Denver, making sure that websites are ready to accommodate them is a must. An approach to web development known as responsive design allows sites to gracefully conform to the limitations of whichever devices are used to access them. A responsive site will look as appealing and be as easy to navigate on the small, vertically oriented screen of a smartphone as on the far larger, horizontal layout of a desktop monitor. While there are other options to consider, such as commissioning mobile-specific sites, most business owners today will do well to demand responsive technology for any new website.

Speed. Some websites online today are tuned for speed and provide snappy, enjoyable experiences. Others seem always to be bogged down, with visitors waiting several seconds or more for each page to load. While hosting arrangements will normally impact speed to some extent, the underlying design always plays a role, too. Designers who focus on keeping things simple and minimizing the number of digital resources that need to be delivered can keep performance levels high. In addition to making things more pleasant for visitors, this kind of diligence can lead to better website positioning in the search results returned by providers like Google.

A Website Ready to Serve Any Business Well

Any Web designer Denver businesses consider working with should be able to account for these issues and related ones. While a portfolio that includes plenty of attractive, professional-looking sites should always receive some consideration, so should functional concerns like these. Making sure that a designer will be ready to deliver a fast, responsive site that is also visually appealing will make a satisfying experience a lot more likely.